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Our partner : XPRESS Sofware Inc.


Xpress Software Inc. was founded in 1996 and since then has managed to take the leading position on the market of software products for manufacturing as well as biometric security, ID and Time & Attendance applications.

Today it offers more than 20 products for different markets - Advanced Enterprise software for manufacturing, PayPunch software for easy biometric time & attendance tracking, Advanced Time Reports software for Timesheets & Project Management, Advanced ID Creator software for fast and easy ID cards, MDB2SQL line of software products for easy data migration and integration, Advanced RSS software products for internet news distribution, drawing automation tools for Solid Edge and AutoCAD formats, and many more.

Since its inception Xpress Software has received many industry awards for its innovative products and outstanding customer service. Today, Xpress Software forges into the future with new easy and robust software products that help thousands of businesses in 87 countries around the world.

Company profile:  Solution provider, Wholesale
Services:   Direct sale, Integration, Maintenance/Support
Country:   Canada
Address :   64 Jardin Drive, Unit 3G
Concord, ON, L4K 3P3
Phone:   +1-888-777-0388 (toll free)

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