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History of changes


If you found a bug please do not hesitate contact with Technical Support

4.9.2858 - 7 May 2019
  • Extra CRLF extracted from the end of MIME Part
  • Fixed incorrect DataSource List sorting
  • Message Analyzer does not decode attachments
  • QuotedPrintable Decoder eats extra CRLF
4.8.2850 - 9 February 2019
  • MAPI Account UI: Incorrect updates UI controls.
  • MAPI Account: suppress specific MAPI to MIME converter error that interrupts account checking.
  • ODBC: BLOB data processing for drivers that do not support the ISequentalStream interface.
  • DataSource information is not saved when exporting a rule.
4.8.2838 - 10 January 2019
  • Updated SSL library
  • Updated SyntaxLexer library
  • Error export accounts.
  • MAPI Account UI: profiles switch incorrectly.
4.7.2830 - 2 December 2018
  • Attachments Processor and Attachments Modifier support Regular Expression
  • Regular Expression Parser/Modifier/Iterator uses common Regex Options dialog
  • File Writer: variables does not expand for 'prefix' and 'extension'
  • Crash when close log database
  • MAPI Account Settings: flag 'Mark messages as read' not saves
  • MAPI Account do not remove and do not mark as read processed message
4.6.2808 - 30 October 2018
  • Fixed closing application when running as Windows Service
4.6.2800 - 2 October 2018
  • 64-bit AEP can import message from Outlook as Debug Message if only 32-bit Outlook installed.
  • Message Analyzer can save attachments via context menu.
  • New option in Account settings: 'Write Message to Log'.
  • Message saved to log can be viewed with Message Analyzer.
  • Change Attachments Processor 'Action result' to Failed if no attachments in the Message
  • MAPI Account stops processing messages after change Account settings until restart AEP.
  • Flag 'Include Attachments' in the MAPI Account settings not working.
  • Fixed creating MIME message from MAPI if Microsoft MAPI to MIME converter not used
  • Missing resources in the Event32/64.dll
  • Incorrect calculation of the line in the script dump in case of an error.
  • Fixed some tooltips in the Ribbon.
4.5.2778 - 6 September 2018
  • Rule without Filters not processing
4.5.2775 - 4 September 2018
  • Freeze after close MAPI Account settings window
4.5.2770 - 23 August 2018
  • Updated GUI library
  • Updated RegExp library
  • 64-bit installer copy wrong 7z.dll
4.5.2760 - 25 June 2018
  • Zip Component support 7z, tar, bzip2 and gzip compression methods
  • Shortened checking schedulers interval
  • Additional logging communication protocols
  • MAPI account does not write protocol messages to AEP log
  • RegExp Modifier and RegExp Iterator components wrong validate Custom Variable
  • Security vulnerability: hide password in DSN string
  • Trial usage meter, not show days remaining
  • AEP does not start as service
  • Error message when close Log Viewer
  • Grid File Cell does not save value after choosing the file
4.4.2732 - 25 March 2018
  • Possibility to run MAPI account under another user.
  • Global variables support environment variables expansion.
  • TextCondition, Set Value by File Template, FileWriter components support environment variables in the path.
  • Change graphics.
  • Enhancements for Debug Message Panel.
  • Log Viewer improved.
  • Additional confirmation messages.
  • Examples updated.
  • Updated SSL library.
  • Unable to delete orphaned DataSource.
  • Accelerator shortcuts correctly work in docking panels.
  • Fixed Confirmation dialog.
  • Crash in SMTP Sender processor in case of connection errors.
  • Old Rules in text format have not converted when import.
  • Only necessary DataSources export with Rules.
  • Accounts panel has not update after account checking.
  • Message Actor does not work properly.
  • Constructor window does not update after restoring the configuration.
  • Incorrect assembly of MIME Content-Encoding header.
4.3.2650 - 4 March 2018
  • Enhanced and speed-up log. The AEP now uses the SQLite database instead of logging in text format.
  • Added Log Viewer application
  • Increased the speed of loading and saving of the configuration and import and export of rules. In some cases up to 4 times
  • Updated SSL library
  • Updated SyntaxLexer library
  • Text Condition component does not expand variables during execution
  • Global Variables do not load correctly
  • Eliminating scrollbar flicker of Components and Debug Messages Panels
4.2.2604 - 4 February 2018
  • Improved Message Analyzer
  • New configuration dialogs for some Parsers, Iterators, Conditions, and Modifiers
  • New Message Filter replace old version and Dictionary Filter
  • New Text Condition replace old version and Dictionary Condition
  • Accounts statistics page improved
  • Added support for the Wildcards to Line and Block Iterators, Line and Block Modifiers
  • Added support lightweight encoding for MIME attachments
  • Preview of the configuration dialog allowed from Components Panel
  • New option in the User Settings Dialog allow clearing Components window size and positions stored in the Windows Registry
  • Updated RegExp library
  • Updated SyntaxLexer library
  • AEP did not make a backup of the configuration during saving
  • Crash when copy Component inside Rule
  • Crash when delete duplicated DataSource
  • IMAP Account does not delete the first message in a folder
  • Accounts schedulers not working
  • MAPI Account not processed in some cases
  • Accounts history not work as expected
4.1.2485 - 21 November 2017
  • Added 'Test Login' for RFC822 and Unix account
  • Work with DataSource changed. Now DataSources not linked to rules and can be shared between rules
  • DataSource dialog replaced with DataSource panel
  • Refactored Immediate Panel. This panel shows only in Debug mode
  • Large buttons in panels toolbar are optional. See User options dialog
  • HiDPI aware improvements
  • GUI improvements
  • 'Ignore message capture action' flag in the rule properties does not handle
  • 'Step-by-Step Debug' flag is not saved
  • Canceling the addition of a component broke the Rule script
  • Some component dialogs redraw slowly in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Searching text in rules with option 'Match whole word only' return the wrong result
  • Missing BugTrap32U.dll in 64-bit installation
4.0.2422 - 21 October 2017
  • Visual Studio 2017 x86 Redistributable does not installed on x64 machines and MimeParser32.dll unable to register correctly
4.0.2420 - 14 October 2017
  • Universal installer for 32/64-bit platforms
  • No more dependencies from OS bitness for MAPI Account. Now you can call 32-bit MAPI from a 64-bit application and not necessary to install 32-bit AEP on a 64-bit OS
  • New platform independent storage for message uid's and account statistics
  • The Broker mode has been removed as obsolete and does not meet the security standards
  • Windows Mail Account removed because is obsolete and no more supported by Microsoft.
  • Updated SSL library
  • Updated RegExp library
  • Correct register for Event Log
  • Dictionary Condition Component does not work in case of static dictionary


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