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History of changes


If you found a bug please do not hesitate contact with Technical Support

4.5.2760 - 25 June 2018
  • Zip Component support 7z, tar, bzip2 and gzip compression methods
  • Shortened checking schedulers interval
  • Additional logging communication protocols
  • MAPI account does not write protocol messages to AEP log
  • RegExp Modifier and RegExp Iterator components wrong validate Custom Variable
  • Security vulnerability: hide password in DSN string
  • Trial usage meter, not show days remaining
  • AEP does not start as service
  • Error message when close Log Viewer
  • Grid File Cell does not save value after choosing the file
4.4.2732 - 25 March 2018
  • Possibility to run MAPI account under another user.
  • Global variables support environment variables expansion.
  • TextCondition, Set Value by File Template, FileWriter components support environment variables in the path.
  • Change graphics.
  • Enhancements for Debug Message Panel.
  • Log Viewer improved.
  • Additional confirmation messages.
  • Examples updated.
  • Updated SSL library.
  • Unable to delete orphaned DataSource.
  • Accelerator shortcuts correctly work in docking panels.
  • Fixed Confirmation dialog.
  • Crash in SMTP Sender processor in case of connection errors.
  • Old Rules in text format have not converted when import.
  • Only necessary DataSources export with Rules.
  • Accounts panel has not update after account checking.
  • Message Actor does not work properly.
  • Constructor window does not update after restoring the configuration.
  • Incorrect assembly of MIME Content-Encoding header.
4.3.2650 - 4 March 2018
  • Enhanced and speed-up log. The AEP now uses the SQLite database instead of logging in text format.
  • Added Log Viewer application
  • Increased the speed of loading and saving of the configuration and import and export of rules. In some cases up to 4 times
  • Updated SSL library
  • Updated SyntaxLexer library
  • Text Condition component does not expand variables during execution
  • Global Variables do not load correctly
  • Eliminating scrollbar flicker of Components and Debug Messages Panels
4.2.2604 - 4 February 2018
  • Improved Message Analyzer
  • New configuration dialogs for some Parsers, Iterators, Conditions, and Modifiers
  • New Message Filter replace old version and Dictionary Filter
  • New Text Condition replace old version and Dictionary Condition
  • Accounts statistics page improved
  • Added support for the Wildcards to Line and Block Iterators, Line and Block Modifiers
  • Added support lightweight encoding for MIME attachments
  • Preview of the configuration dialog allowed from Components Panel
  • New option in the User Settings Dialog allow clearing Components window size and positions stored in the Windows Registry
  • Updated RegExp library
  • Updated SyntaxLexer library
  • AEP did not make a backup of the configuration during saving
  • Crash when copy Component inside Rule
  • Crash when delete duplicated DataSource
  • IMAP Account does not delete the first message in a folder
  • Accounts schedulers not working
  • MAPI Account not processed in some cases
  • Accounts history not work as expected
4.1.2485 - 21 November 2017
  • Added 'Test Login' for RFC822 and Unix account
  • Work with DataSource changed. Now DataSources not linked to rules and can be shared between rules
  • DataSource dialog replaced with DataSource panel
  • Refactored Immediate Panel. This panel shows only in Debug mode
  • Large buttons in panels toolbar are optional. See User options dialog
  • HiDPI aware improvements
  • GUI improvements
  • 'Ignore message capture action' flag in the rule properties does not handle
  • 'Step-by-Step Debug' flag is not saved
  • Canceling the addition of a component broke the Rule script
  • Some component dialogs redraw slowly in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Searching text in rules with option 'Match whole word only' return the wrong result
  • Missing BugTrap32U.dll in 64-bit installation
4.0.2422 - 21 October 2017
  • Visual Studio 2017 x86 Redistributable does not installed on x64 machines and MimeParser32.dll unable to register correctly
4.0.2420 - 14 October 2017
  • Universal installer for 32/64-bit platforms
  • No more dependencies from OS bitness for MAPI Account. Now you can call 32-bit MAPI from a 64-bit application and not necessary to install 32-bit AEP on a 64-bit OS
  • New platform independent storage for message uid's and account statistics
  • The Broker mode has been removed as obsolete and does not meet the security standards
  • Windows Mail Account removed because is obsolete and no more supported by Microsoft.
  • Updated SSL library
  • Updated RegExp library
  • Correct register for Event Log
  • Dictionary Condition Component does not work in case of static dictionary
3.12.2372 - 18 August 2017
  • DataSource Manager now can be called from Ribbon
  • Updated help files
  • DataSource Manager append wrong data to list
  • Error 'Failed to create empty document'
3.11.2354 - 3 July 2017
  • Updated GUI library
  • Updated RegExp library
  • Updated SyntaxLexer library
  • Updated SSL library
  • Additional UI themes
  • Some options at the MAPI account does not save
  • MAPI RTF stream does not decode correctly
3.10.2290 - 12 April 2017
  • Additional information in the List of Accounts
  • UI enhancements
  • Updated RegExp library
  • Updated SyntaxLexer library
  • Updated SSL library
  • In some cases, Account MAPI can't delete messages
  • SMTP Sender and Message Resender has broken HELO command handler.
  • Incorrect scheduled date used for newly created accounts
  • Result Condition component has inverted state
  • Accounts scheduler service can be stopped but never can be started again
  • Debug panel lost horizontal scroll bar
3.9.2249 - 12 January 2017
  • Icon size for toolbars increased
  • Account flags written to the log file
  • F1 button call URL twice
  • MAPI account does not properly handle messages when the option "Process Only New Messages" selected.
  • If multiple folders selected some of this folders not processed.
3.8.2238 - 13 December 2016
  • MAPI account does not properly handle messages when the option "Process Only New Messages" selected.
  • If multiple folders selected some of this folders not processed.
3.8.2233 - 15 November 2016
  • Added Updater Tool to check for updates and inform the user of their presence and offer to download and install them.
  • Added possibility to renew license from the application
  • Updated RegExp library.
  • Some visual enhancements
  • Fixed bug that causes stuck in the virtual environment when running in a trial mode.
  • Fixed loss of license information
3.7.2195 - 15 October 2016
  • Improved detection of Windows Server 2016
  • Updated SSL library.
  • Updated RegExp library.
  • Folder names that contain non-ASCII characters have not processed in the IMAP Account
  • Incorrect enumeration of MS Exchange Public folders in MAPI account
  • File Writer processor lost output variable
3.6.2125 - 16 August 2016
  • Message Actor component now supports IMAP4 and Windows Mail accounts
  • Updated Help files.
  • Updated SSL library.
  • Enhanced logging capability for MAPI, POP3, IMAP4 and Windows Mail accounts.
  • Incorrect enumeration of Public Folders at MAPI Accounts in some cases
  • Internal services are not stopped correctly
  • Incorrect flag set for unread messages in IMAP account
3.5.2083 - 3 May 2016
  • Updated SSL library.
  • Updated RegExp library.
  • Dictionary Condition UI does not correctly save condition flags
  • Dictionary Condition Component - only words of the first string from dictionary are checked on the condition
  • LineModifier, BlockModifier, and TextModifer uses wrong information text for Match Case flag
  • LineModfier uses inverted state for flag Include Defined Text
3.4.2050 - 23 January 2016
  • Database Access component: Result Variables does not fill
  • Text Condition component invert result if 'Begin from Defined Text' or 'End with Defined Text' conditions used
  • Regular Expression Iterator enters an infinite loop in some cases
  • Regular Expression Iterator lost expression string at second iteration
  • Result Condition / Catch component contain bug that broke execution script
  • Result Condition wrongly inverts the result of the previous component
3.3.2037 - 21 December 2015
  • Debug Message also can be attached to Internal SMTP Server
  • SimpleDatabase Component: Datasource change does not reset the list of table fields. For this operation added additional 'Reload' button.
  • Changing the startup options for SMTP Server and POP3 Broker modifies current state for these services
  • Messages from internal SMTP server does not filter by Account Filter
  • Unhandled exception in a Regexp library
  • The Variables are inserted with the wrong template in the SQL statement (missed <>, please check your SQL code)
  • Regular Expression flags not initialized properly
3.2.2014 - 9 November 2015
  • Additional parameter 'Remove non-print characters' for HTTP Reader component
  • Added Web Downloader component
  • Crash in internal SMTP server
  • Variables do not pass to Run EXE processor component
  • SMTP Sender component does not save data for Body field
  • HTTP Reader does not correctly encode POST data in URL parameters
  • Sometimes HTTP Reader stuck when download data
  • Some GUI grid glitches
3.1.1965 - 6 October 2015
  • The Account Scheduler did not work in the periods shorter than 5 minutes
  • Improper loading string from XML, if it contains the \t character sequence
  • Rule without filters is not executed if the previous rule was rejected by the filter
  • HTTP Reader causes fault if no parameters specified for URL
  • Updated Regex library, which in some cases causes a crash
3.1.1925 - 17 August 2015
  • Added ability to attach Debug Message to selected Account for Account Filter debugging
  • Optional flag for IMAP, MAPI, Windows Mail accounts for mark messages as read
  • Optional flag for MAPI and Windows Mail accounts for delete messages
  • SMTP Sender uses the wrong port value
  • Account Filter does not work correctly
  • Message Actor always returns 'Succeeded' in action result
  • Detailed Debug log show only last component
  • Block Parser hang in some cases
  • Iterators do not stop after Debug Stop
  • Calculator Processor does not evaluate formulas
  • Disappeared menu 'Debug in All Rules'
3.0.1900 - 30 June 2015
  • Completely redesigned User Interface.
  • The modular system for Accounts.
  • Added Scheduled Message Account.
  • Added Message Parser component.
  • Added Zip Processor component.
  • Added Tokens Iterator and Simple Iterator components.
  • Header Field, Recipient Email, Recipient Name, Sender Email, Sender Name and Subject filters replaced with new Message Filter.
  • Added powerful step-by-step debugger with ability to check the values of variables at each step
  • New storage for Debug Messages. Debug Message not stored in a Rule anymore.
  • Added ability to backup and restore the configuration.
  • Export Rules and Accounts into a new compressed XML format.
  • No more Server and Workstation Editions licenses. New Maintenance Subscription license model.
  • Configuration stored in compressed XML format. Eliminated binary incompatibility between versions.
  • Simple MAPI account removed (deprecated and no more supported in x64 mode).
  • Eudora account removed.
  • Obsolete and no more supported AEL, ADR, AMV, IPL, Automation processors components removed.
  • Multiple folders selection in Accounts. Not compatible with old version. Please review your Account settings after upgrade for every account.


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