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Advanced Email Parser is a powerful and user-friendly system for email processing automation.

E-mail plays a great role in today's business, being an effective means of information exchange. Information received via e-mail is often used in other applications.

Advanced Email Parser makes email processing more effective, as it enables you to parse data, process and transfer it to other applications automatically.

  • Interact email content with database
    Extract data from email and store it to database
    Use database request to generate and send personal emails
    Process, generate and store reports
    Parse orders received by emails and save it as database records

  • Process email attachments
    Save attachments to folder on disk/network
    Attach documents to generated email response
    Generate HTML reports and send it by email as attachment
    Compress attachments as ZIP archive
    Download HTML pages or files from web and use its as attachments

  • Automate business processes related to email
    Create personal autoresponders
    Automate and schedule follow up emails
    Use pushmail techology with AEP to manage your documents, emails, etc from your mobile phone/PDA
    Generate HTML reports, store it on disk, send by email or put into web

Together with our partners we will be happy to give you a pre-sales consultation or provide you with an integration service building our solutions into your everyday business processes.



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