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Managing services using the PushMail.


The main Advanced Email Parser principle is:

main AEP principle

Being based on this principle and using control items in Advanced Email Parser, you can manage many processes by means of predetermined rules.

  • You have a working mailbox attached to Outlook and a PushMail mailbox for important emails.
  • A standard situation: you are out of office and waiting for the partner's email to the working mailbox.

This task can be solved by using Advanced Email Parser and creating a virtual mailbox. For AEP this mailbox serves as a control center for each employee and executes such instructions as:

using Advanced Email Parser as PushMail solution

  • Redirect emails from the recipient XXX sent to my PushMail Inbox working mailbox within X hours
  • Send all my working email correspondence with the recipient XXX for the ZZZ period to PushMail Inbox
  • Send my document to smartphone
  • Generate and send report
  • Cancel redirection
  • ... etc.

All you need is to send a control email to your control center!

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