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Rule components


Components available in Rule Editor

  • Filters are the rule components used to check whether a message is to be processed with the rule or not. Filters are used one by one in the order of their listing. If a message fails to come through any filter, it is not processed. Only data from a message header are used for filtering, to avoid downloading an entire message before it is clear whether it is to be processed or not.

  • Parsers are processing components used to parse data from source text. Both messages (header fields and message body) and variables can be used as text sources.

  • Processors are processing components used to modify and store data parsed from messages.

  • Script Components contain source code in a scripting language used for data processing.

  • External components allow data processing with external applications. To exchange data with external applications, variables are used.

  • Actors are processing components that doesn't change variable values.

  • Conditions are processors used to select operations depending on user-specified variable value.

  • Iterators are processing components, used to execute the set of components for lines, blocks, words and regular expressions in the text source.

  • Modifiers are processing components, used for modifying of text sources and message parts. With using of Realtime Processing in rule's properties these components allow to modify messages sent through AEP in the Broker Mode

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