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Asian markets become closer due to our new partner - Cleverbridge A.G.


March 6, 2007 

MediaTwins s.r.o. today announced a partnership agreement with Cleverbridge A.G., the e-commerce company which has developed a state of the art solution serving the digital e-commerce industry with a special focus on software.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cleverbridge A.G will arrange MediaTwins s.r.o. product payments in Asia (China, Taiwan and Japan).

Customers from these countries will be offered an ability to transfer payments in national currencies - yens, Taiwan dollars and yuans, as well as to communicate with the registration commerce provider in their native languages. The company's combined objective is to continue building and improving the quality and scope of all aspects of customer’s support and service.

"We are pleased that Cleverbridge A.G. will represent our company in Asia", said Alexey Shtol, the CEO of MediaTwins s.r.o. "This partnership will increase customer’s loyalty and satisfaction with our services".

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MediaTwins s.r.o., TweakMarketing dept.
Prague, Czech Republic,

Cleverbridge A.G.
Cologne, Germany,




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