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TweakMarketing announce Mailbox Processing Solutions product family with MS Exchange support


May 14, 2009 

We would like to inform you about further development of our award-winning Mailbox Processing Solutions product family. There are two products which are intended for processing of local storages and extracting various items from e-mail messages.

The first product is Email Addresses Processor 2009.

This program assists you in extracting owner's names and e-mail addresses from the local email client's databases and storing them to .txt file or Microsoft Excel datasheet.

Next product is Attachments Processor 2009.

This is a software product designed to extract attachments from mail client message databases and to make an archive of the files extracted.

Now both of these products support a wide range of email clients and servers for processing

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007;
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2000-2007;
  • any MAPI compatible client/server;
  • any Simple MAPI compatible clients;
  • Microsoft Outlook Express / Microsoft Windows Mail;
  • Thunderbird;
  • Unix compatible mailbox.

Try our Mailbox Processing Solutions family and get the power and flexible system of email processing!

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