Advanced Email Parser 3. History of changes

3.0.1900 - 30 June 2015
  • Completely redesigned User Interface.
  • The modular system for Accounts.
  • Added Scheduled Message Account.
  • Added Message Parser component.
  • Added Zip Processor component.
  • Added Tokens Iterator and Simple Iterator components.
  • Header Field, Recipient Email, Recipient Name, Sender Email, Sender Name and Subject filters replaced with new Message Filter.
  • Added powerful step-by-step debugger with ability to check the values of variables at each step
  • New storage for Debug Messages. Debug Message not stored in a Rule anymore.
  • Added ability to backup and restore the configuration.
  • Export Rules and Accounts into a new compressed XML format.
  • No more Server and Workstation Editions licenses. New Maintenance Subscription license model.
  • Configuration stored in compressed XML format. Eliminated binary incompatibility between versions.
  • Simple MAPI account removed (deprecated and no more supported in x64 mode).
  • Eudora account removed.
  • Obsolete and no more supported AEL, ADR, AMV, IPL, Automation processors components removed.
  • Multiple folders selection in Accounts. Not compatible with old version. Please review your Account settings after upgrade for every account.

If you found a bug please do not hesitate contact with Technical Support



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