Advanced Email Parser (AEP) is software designed for processing incoming E-mail messages. AEP can be used to perform the following jobs automatically:

save time and money by automating email processing

processing of orders or other forms received via E-mail

sending replies to clients

filling databases with data extracted from e-mail, supports Access, SQL Server, MySQL, and many other database types. Also Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.

sorting and redirecting e-mail message flows. You can also forward the original email on to multiple recipients. You can control who you send new emails to, based on the content of the incoming email

compiling mailing lists, maintaining statistics of any kind

creating automatic answering services, mail robots, watchdogs

saving back-up copies of important messages

monitoring web page changes

Advanced Email Parser can be integrated with various software products that support ActiveX technology. This allows data processing in external modules from different developers. For such integration, scripting languages based on Microsoft Active Scripting technology - JScript and VBScript - are used.

AEP features user-friendly graphic interface. Step-by-Step debugger, Debug messages and detailed log make configuring the program easier.

Advanced Email Parser is an effective and reliable message processing tool, with high traffic capacity and little time required for each message processing.

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