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New technologies represented on a new project: enjoying progress!


March 1, 2007 

Today MediaTwins s.r.o. signed a letter of intent to launch a new company website. All further activities and services will be offered from a newly-created establishment named

Being the leading Email Marketing worldwide provider of marketing and automation services for software users since 1999, MediaTwins s.r.o. has a wide experience in home and exterior online and offline projects. The new project is aimed at development of automation solutions for both business processes and Internet/email marketing processes.

"We are glad to launch At present it offers four main utilities for for work automation and productivity improvement: Advanced Email Parser, TM Newsletters Manager, Outlook Extraction Suite.", said Alexey Shtol, CEO, MediaTwins s.r.o.

"Most companies need centralized email data automation. And MediaTwins s.r.o. offers them a unique solution to satisfy these needs: due to Advanced Email Parser all their email business processes can be handled centrally."

"As the company's main objective is to continue developing new solutions, we are planning to release ten new utilities in June, 2007 in order to provide full range of business automation products. Then our next strategic goal for 2007 is to improve Advanced Email Parser functionality and performance. Besides several plans are in hand to introduce a new technology partnership program which will enable MediaTwins s.r.o. to integrate our solutions with best CRM systems and thus to increase customer’s loyalty", he added.

"We are happy that now we can offer our customers the best worldwide services and support and make our tools available to all of the worldwide MediaTwins s.r.o. customers. MediaTwins s.r.o. is looking forward to providing top-grade and efficient Email Marketing services and solutions to suit everyone’s needs."

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